Personalized Solutions

At Lighthouse Wealth Management, our clients’ interests come first. With an understanding that everyone is unique, we create personalized solutions tailored to your individual situation. We start by helping you draft your goals and objectives, and then create a personalized plan to align with those aims.

Our philosophy is built on providing holistic solutions for your financial life. If you are seeking professional, dedicated experience in asset management and financial planning, Lighthouse Wealth Management is here to help you.

What Does it Mean to be a Fee-Only Firm?

At Lighthouse Wealth Management, our clients come first. We operate under a fiduciary standard, which means that you can trust that we will act in your best interest.

We believe that our compensation structure is integral to our client-focused strategy. As a fee-only firm, we are paid directly by our clients, with no outside compensation from vendors. Unlike fee-based firms which may also generate commissions on product sales, we have no such arrangements.

Wealth Advisor in Pennsylvania and Maryland

Lighthouse Wealth Management is headquartered in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, with additional office locations in Hanover and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, as well as Frederick and Westminster, Maryland.  Our convenient locations help us to provide the best service to individuals, families and businesses across the Mid-Atlantic region.

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