Comprehensive Asset Management Services

Unlike most investment advisors, Lighthouse Wealth Management does not overlook assets that are held outside of our firm. We assess all our clients’ assets, including 401(k) plans and life insurance policies, when establishing target asset allocations and risk tolerances.

A Holistic Approach to Asset Management

Lighthouse Wealth Management applies a holistic approach to our asset management services. We set well-defined parameters for each of our clients based on an appropriate aggregate risk level for their household. We take all our clients’ financial assets into consideration, not just those that we are managing.

Lighthouse Wealth Management constructs client portfolios using a mix of passive and active no-load mutual funds, as well as exchange-traded funds. When appropriate, we also employ separately managed accounts offered by carefully selected money managers.

We can also help clients establish and manage:

  • 529 Plans
  • Trusts
  • Other Accounts

Whatever the investment mandate, we continually strive for tax efficiency.

About Lighthouse Wealth Management

With offices in Pennsylvania and Maryland, Lighthouse Wealth provides asset management services to clients across the Mid-Atlantic region. Lighthouse Wealth also provides financial planning, tax planning, and estate planning. We advise under a fee-only, fiduciary standard.

To learn more about our services, contact us.