At Lighthouse Wealth Management, we have over three decades of combined experience providing personalized financial planning and wealth management services to clients. Our mission is to help clients illuminate their financial futures. We believe in a holistic approach to financial planning that considers all aspects of our clients’ lives. We work closely with our clients to develop a customized financial plan that is designed to help them achieve their long-term objectives.

Providing Service to Central Pennsylvania

Lighthouse Wealth Management has five office locations across Pennsylvania and Maryland with headquarters located in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. From our Camp Hill office, we can serve clients within Harrisburg, Carlisle, Lancaster, Hershey and York, Pennsylvania, allowing us to provide financial planning services across Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon and York counties.

Along with Lighthouse Wealth Management’s own extensive financial planning experience, we also have a partnership with Brown Plus, a leading accounting and advisory firm with offices located across Pennsylvania and Maryland. Brown Plus’ client-centric service approach and resources are a valued benefit to the clients that Lighthouse Wealth Management serves.

A Fee-Only Wealth Advisory Firm in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

Lighthouse Wealth Management is a fee-only wealth advisory firm that operates under a fiduciary standard, which means we act solely in the best interest of our clients. As a fee-only firm, we are paid directly by our clients, with no outside compensation from vendors. We believe that this structure aligns our interests with the interests of our clients.

Lighthouse Wealth Management’s Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, Office Location

Our Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, office is located inside Brown Plus’ office on Grandview Avenue. We are just a two-mile drive from the city of Harrisburg, which provides an ideal location for serving clients surrounding the Pennsylvania Capital Region.

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