“Life transitions can be happy, difficult and emotional. Such feelings can make us neglect to consider the serious financial implications of a major life change.

The key to preventing unexpected financial consequences is to have a team of advisors that you trust. The right team can serve as your partner in designing a plan that meets your needs today, while retaining flexibility for life’s inevitable changes.

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Common Issues with Major Life Changes

So, what are some of the most common life changes and key issues that come with them?

When retiring:

  • You may find that high inflation and low interest rates have increased the difficulty of designing a lower-risk portfolio for new retirees.
  • You will need to withdraw from your various taxable, tax-deferred (IRA) and tax-exempt (Roth IRA) accounts in proper sequence in order to minimize your tax liability.
  • Timely Roth IRA conversions can substantially reduce tax payments made by you or your beneficiaries.

If you sell your business:

  • The comfort of holding a large cash position should be weighed against the life t merits of investing a portion of it in order to maintain your long-term purchasing power.
  • Retired business owners should be wary of managing portfolios as actively as they did their business. A “hands-on” approach can result in imbalanced exposures and/or high portfolio turnover, creating unnecessary tax costs.

If you just received an inheritance:

  • Regardless of estate size, Pennsylvania requires all executors / administrators to file an inheritance tax return within nine months of the date of death.
  • Pennsylvania inheritance tax and federal distribution rules vary for inherited IRA’s, depending on the decedent’s age at death and whether required minimum distributions had already commenced.

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